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  • Hi, 

    Having a problem with  multiple cmd.exe *32 showing in Task Manager Processes on Win 7 Home Edition 64 bit. I also work on mainframe and have installed a 3270 emulator (Bluezone) and WSA. WSA (work station agent) is a little app that runs on the PC and intercepts commands from the mainframe. WSA is part of the mainframe ISPF Client/Server.

    Commands sent to the PC are usually in this format and usually use the windows START command
    'SELECT  WSCMD("START IEXPLORE") INVIS' = start internet explorer in an invisible (hidden) window

    No cmd window is displayed and the app starts, but the cmd.exe *32 still remains in Task List and Processes running in Task Manager
    If I try to end the cmd.exe *32 processes with command TASKKILL /pid #### /F, I get message

    ERROR: The process with PID #### could not be terminated. 
    Reason: There is no running instance of the task.

    When you stop the WSA.EXE then all the cmd.exe *32 go away.

    This never happened in Win Xp, when a command was invoked the cmd hidden window was always cleaned up and wasn't in the Processes list in Task Manager

    It looks like Win 7 is also cleaning up the hidden windows (because I can't kill with TASKKILL or from Task Manager Processes) but the instance is still showing up in the Processes list in Task Manager

    Trying to determine if the orphan cmd.exe *32 can be removed from Processes list or will it cause a problem leaving them ?

    Any suggestions will be appreciated

    Richard (Rick) Silvers

    Sunday, February 17, 2013 6:25 AM