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  • Hi there,

    I work for a medium sized finacial instutution (~1000users) and we have always had multiple environments - Production, Testing, DEV etc however they (bar Prod) have traditionally been neglected from an operational support perspective.

    As such they have fallen horribly behind and are generally in poor shape. Some work has been done to get things back in shape however ongoing operational support has become an issue and i would like to get your opinions from your experiences.

    Would the same team that looks after your production environment administer your pre-production environments as well or should these be 2 seperate entities entirely?

    Any opinions would be appreciated.


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  • Hello,

    Am I right to assume (and forgive me if I'm wrong) that your Dev and Test and pre-production environments have been neglected mainly because of manpower issues?  Or are you truly able to dedicate some folks to those areas?

    If you are able, I would recommend that you do that.  But perhaps to keep everyone (and everything) fresh, you could set up a rotation.  So.. perhaps the same people focus on the same part of the business for 3 months-at-a-time, and then shift.  That way skills will remain fresh, and learnings from one environment will easily translate into benefits for the others.

    Also, the communication needs to be good.  If there is an issue or a push for some fix in one area that might apply to the others, the others need to be aware.  So in some form - regular meetings of teams or team leads - this information needs to be shared.

    Just a few ideas for you.  I'm interested to see what others suggest, too.

    All the best,


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