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  • I am running into multiple issues. I am trying to add a custom column into excel query editor and I keep getting errors. I am trying to enter - FormattedDate = YEAR([Report_Date]) & right("00" & MONTH([Report_Date]),2) & right("00" & DAY([Report_Date]),2) into a custom query editor but trying to use "FormattedDate" as the name of the column but i keep getting error: Expression.Error: The name 'YEAR' wasn't recognized.  Make sure it's spelled correctly.

    I also entered this formula:GVSM Trend Score = if(SUM([Device_Count])>0,if(SUM([Vuln_Device_Count])>0,1-(DIVIDE(SUM([Vuln_Device_Count]),SUM([Device_Count]),1)),1),BLANK()) into a custom column in the query editor and also using "GVSM Trend Score" as the column name.  

    I get error: Token RightParen expected

    Please, can someone tell me what i am doing wrong? thank you. 

    Monday, June 19, 2017 7:38 PM


  • Hi 

    It seems that you try to enter DAX formula in Power Query. This is the different languages, DAX is for Power Pivot and Power BI, but in Power Query there is M Language used.

    Maxim Zelensky Excel Inside

    Wednesday, June 21, 2017 10:04 AM