SCVMM 2012 R2 CU1 - Error 2912 - NO_PARAM NO_PARAM when provisioning virtual machine from template RRS feed

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  • I have an interesting issue that keeps coming back. 

    I have a 4 host cluster provision via SCVMM 2012 R2 CU1. From time to time, I will get a failed error message when provisioning VMs from template. The exact error is :

    Error (2912)
    An internal error has occurred trying to contact the scvmm.lab.local server: NO_PARAM: NO_PARAM.WinRM: URL: [http://scvmm.lab.local:5985], Verb: [INVOKE], Method: [GetError], Resource: 
    Unknown error (0x80072f0d)

    Now, I have a fix for it, the problem is that it keeps coming back. My fix is also one that I don't really like as it fixes the issue with a sledgehammer.

    To resolve, I remove the problem hosts from the cluster, then remove the host from SCVMM. I then make sure that the certificate from [Local Computer \ Trusted People] is deleted on both the SCVMM and host (On host I delete the SCVMM cert, on SCVMM server I delete host cert).

    Once the server is back in it starts provisioning VM templates once again. Then, several days later it happens where I get the same message again.

    I've ensured that the cluster account, SCVMM server account, SCVMM service account are in the local administrators group as well as ensured that WINRM was modified with the following:

    winrm set winrm/config @{MaxTimeoutms = "1800000"} 
    winrm set winrm/config/Service @{MaxConcurrentOperationsPerUser="400"} 
    sc config winrm type= own
    net stop winrmnet 
    start winrmnet 
    start scvmmagent
    Any ideas on what else could be causing our issues? I don't like needing to remove the host from the cluster and scvmm to resolve my issue.

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  • So I found a better way than removing the host and re-adding it. That was just an insane amount of work.

    First to be sure this will work, you need to check the thumbprint and the serial on the certificate of the local computer store on the VMM server. Compare this to what is in the Personal certificate store on the problem VMHost. If either the serial or the thumbprint does not match you will get the NO_PARAM error.

    Run this on your VMM host to resolve.

    $credential = get-credential

    Get-SCVMMManagedComputer -ComputerName "<Host_Name>" | 
    Register-SCVMMManagedComputer  -Credential $credential

    Obviously take whatever backup precautions you usually do before doing this.

    I still have an issue however, this keeps happening every few days on several servers and I need to do it again and again.

    Has anyone encountered this before?

    Tuesday, May 13, 2014 5:02 PM