Buffer Overun on FxCop 10 is getting the wrong message from ACM


  • The FxCop 1.0 I was using ought to be able to recognize its code boundaries and stay in its jurisdiction or space,but It didn't. It spilled its code and icons all over my disk,just like orca did in 2010,in a smaller scale,fortunarely.Icounteracted by restoring the platform and reinstalling the entire windows SDK.the  platform and Sdk worked well except that the code manager in charge of the Buffer Overun message kept the old message and the new restored FxCop 10.0 turned off.Which Of the code managers has the Elephant Memory and how can I run the new restored app?

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  • Hi, This is out of topic in the Windows server General's forum, but I will move to the Where is the forum for..'s forum.

    If I search a bit, FxCop seem tagged for VisualStudio, but I can't direct you to the correct place either, any more users that know more on this technology might direct you to the correct place.

    Thanks you for your understanding

    Regards, Philippe

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  • Hello,

    I'd ask in the Visual Studio Debugger forum:


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