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    Myself and My Project Manager are unable to open/create an enterprise
    calendar from within PWA 2010 in Project Professional 2007 (we're
    running in backwards compatibility mode).  When they try, the below
    error message is received.

    I have confirmed that they have their accounts set-up correctly for
    Project Pro 2007, and the URL matches exactly under Tools, Enterprise
    Options.   I have tried this on XP with IE8 and Windows 7 with IE9,
    anyone and everyone gets this error only
    when you try to create a calendar.  I have confirmed that protected
    mode is off on IE 9. I have checked all settings and this is the only
    problem we have ran into.

    Error Message:

    "This operation requires that Microsoft Project Professional 2010 or
    Microsoft Project Professional 2007 to be installed and configured to
    connect to a profile for this Project Web App site. If Project
    Professional is loaded, ensure that it is connected
    to the profile for this Project Web App site and that there are no
    dialog boxes open."

    I have tried just about everything I can think of - reinstalling
    Project Pro, reinstalling IE 8 and 9, patching Project Pro and Office
    etc. Reviewing other topics on the issue didn't resolve it for me. I
    patched Project Server 2010 in BCM, and re-installed
    it, nothing get past this one issue. All other aspects of Project
    Server 2010 work fine.

    Any ideas would be appreciated....

    Friday, May 11, 2012 6:39 PM