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  • ...Bit of a long background but hopefully that reduces "clarifying questions"...


    I have created a .bswx file using PerformancePoint Server 2007 Dashboard Designer and everything was working fine. That is, all the elements: Data Source, KPIs, Scorecards, Reports, and Dashboards.  All the elements were successfully published to the monitoring server and deployed to a Sharepoint site.  I needed to create a Datasource that reads from a Sharepoint site List, but Dashboard Designer gave a n error that I do not have Read Access Permission. I reported this to our Security Administration Expert to configure the Access property accordingly.


    On getting back to me, however, I discovered all the Report elements in my .bswx file that were working before then have stopped working. The Dashboard Designer kept complaining about the Data Source. Specifically, clicking on any of the Report item in Dashboard Designer gives the following error message “The requested item cannot be found. Verify that it exists and that you have access permission”. Clicking “OK” on the error message would display the following error in the workspace that the report chart should have appeared “This data source no longer exists. Contact the administrator for more details”. This last error message is also displayed for all the reports on the Dashboard deployed to the Sharepoint site.


    Meanwhile, if I create a new report (say, “Test”) in the same .bswx file, it would allow me to read from the existing data source (which I haven’t changed), and the new report could be published successfully. Another surprising thing is that, every Dashboard Designer elements that I had before, which also reads from the same data source still works (i.e. the KPIs and Scorecards). I got the Security guy to revert back to the old Access Structure and he has done that, but the reports would still give same error as described above.  I tried editing the XML file for the .bswx by copying the Data Source GUID for the new “Test” report to replace the GUID of one of the existing reports that are not working, it would still not work. Invariably, the Data Source that the reports are complaining about still exist on the Monitoring Server, since I didn’t have to recreate a new data source.


    We investigated the XML in our BSWX file and found that all the Report items use a common data source GUID except for the newly created "Test" report.   However, we have not changed anything in our SSAS data source item in the BSWX file.  Here's a question.  Could a data source GUID change without any change to the underlying BSWX specification to the data source item?  What could lead to a GUID change for one data source?  It does not seem likely that a change in Permissions / Security could lead to a new data source GUID if nothing else about the cube or BSWX data source item specification has changed?

    Wednesday, September 17, 2008 7:47 PM


  • Here's an update.  If you create  data source it seems to get a GUID right away but you need to publish it to use it for reporting. Once you use it to create a report, that report references the GUID.  If you delete the data source from your workspace, the report will still work - because its still defined on the server.  If you close your bswx and reopen it, the data source will automatically reappear for you if you have a report that still uses it - that' kinda of nice because if you still have stuff linked to it, presumably you still need it. 


    If you delete the data souce from the server, your report will not work. But your not %#@!@ yet.  You can republish your workspace data source definition and the report will work again.  If you delete the data source from your workspace and the server, any reports that referece (though GUID) that deleted data source, are broken. 


    Its does not appear that the GUID of a data source can change at all. 

    Thursday, September 18, 2008 4:53 PM