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  • Call me stupid, but I installed WinSpy @ winspy.com  It installed fine, but after restarting, I started to have major problems.  WinSpy asks you to create a login (which I did), and then you can access its interface (screenshots, IM monitors, etc).  Afterwards, it closes (because I had the trial version).  I restarted to start the program again, and only half my programs started.  My WiFi didn't start at all and I could not connect to the internet.  So to make a long story short, I restarted my computer again in safe mode with networking, and it worked fine.  I connected, ran several antivirus programs (AVG, Avast, Mamuta) and found nothing...  Furthermore, I searched everywhere for any sign of WinSpy, and couldn't find a thing.  Now, I may not be a computer genius, but I know my programs, and that doesn't normally happen.  It still didn't work okay in normal mode, so I system restored to the day before.  Nothing happened, so I restored to five days before.  Now I black-screen before login in any mode: safe and normal.  What can I do?  I just want to get in long enough to grab my files before reinstalling vista and drivers...  I ran chkdsk and even tried accessing files in Ubunta live CD, adn nothing worked.

    I have a Gateway laptop:
    2GB RAM
    160GB HDD
    AMD Turion Dual Core

    I forget the rest, if you need more specs, let me know.
    Thursday, March 27, 2008 8:31 PM

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  • "I connected, ran several antivirus programs (AVG, Avast, Mamuta) and found nothing... "

    There is your problem. Once you installed winspy (no idea what that is btw, stick to spybot or spyware doctor or the big name ones.) you just had so many anti-virus/spyware programs they started a fight with each other. Never install two anti-virus programs on the same system as that will always cause problems. If you have your install disk, try the repair function (boot from disk to use it). If that doesn't work you will have to reinstall windows (without reformatting) to get your files. You will lose any programs but all saved files will be moved to a folder called "windows.old"
    Monday, March 31, 2008 5:46 AM
  • I allowed them all through each other though.  Kept them exempt, will they still fight?  I know of several other (and very smart) computer geeks who run AVG and Avast! side by side...  At any rate.  I used SLAX to pull off files because for some reason (and for those who have problems pulling off files from a damaged system, listen up) it bypasses or ignores the file protection system Vista has.  It was very handy before I reformatted and reinstalled Vista.  (btw, I am on my laptop again writing this)  Big Smile  Anyway, DO NOT INSTALL WINSPY.  After viewing several virus and trojan databases, it seems to have a habit of messing up computers.  Learn from my example, when in doubt, use Download.com (tested files) or search it on google to make sure it is safe...
    Saturday, April 5, 2008 3:31 AM
  • "I allowed them all through each other though.  Kept them exempt, will they still fight?" Yes. I would be questioning your friend's geekyness. If he were a true geek he would know that you don't even need an anti-virus program running constantly. You only need one to scan questionable content you downloaded. (Stuff you shouldn't be downloading in the first place such as torrents and hacked programs) The reason is, any geek knows what he/she is downloading. The idiot-proofing style anti-virus is for people who click OK every time they get a pop up on thier computer without reading it. The best anti-virus is yourself, not a program. Watch what you give access to your computer and you will find yourself not needing multiple anti-virus programs. Spyware is a different story however. There is so much out there and it is getting so sneaky that it is not a bad idea to have more than one spyware program, but again if you watch yourself online it shouldn't be a big problem. I would recommend Spybot and Spyware doctor(the latter can be found in the google pack, both are free) Running two spyware programs doesn't cause nearly as many problems as running multiple anti-virus programs do. This is usually because of the real-time detection. For years I have run AVG once a month and havn't found one virus yet. (Because I don't download questionable content) On the other hand I have deleted thousands of ad based cookies that I have picked up from surfing websites. This can be avoided by using firefox and selecting the option to delete cookies on exit. However you can't save screenames and passwords through the browser most of the time this way.

    P.S. You didn't need to use anything to pull files from anywhere. If you noticed in my earlier post, if you reinstalled WITHOUT formatting the hard drive windows automatically moves all files on the HDD to a file called windows.old so your files would have been safe anyways.
    Saturday, April 5, 2008 3:51 AM