would like to report a bug - win 8.1 x64 driver - worked fine with win 8.


  • Hi,

    One customer has an old Oki ML 280 printer (usb), we re-installed the standard driver provided by windows 8.1 x64 (it worked with win 8 but we cannot get it to work with win 8.1).

    This driver is bugged: using ms-word, typing a full text (whole page, arial font), the print preview is wrong (and printing matches print preview) compared to text typed.

    Explanation: typed 2 pages of continuous text.

    When printing, 2 sheets (ok), but font size is reduced by 30% on preview, and all text stays on "top" of page (66%), instead of having full page printed.

    Problem can be reproduced without problems using word 2007, access 2007 (reports).

    This printer worked fine with a Windows 8 x64 on the same computer, before the upgrade. 

    I would like to report this bug, but where do I .... ?


    Alain Bourgeois

    Wednesday, November 06, 2013 10:52 PM


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