How to Mirror the Network Traffic for VM1[DC] on Hyper-v Host1 to VM2[ATA GW] on DIFFERENT Hyper-v Host 2. RRS feed

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  • Hello Everyone,

    Thank you for checking the query, this is with regards to a setup for ATA 1.8, where most of the DCs are Virtual and around 20 Hyper-V hosts each having 1-2 DCs and other VMs for other functions, under normal conditions either you could go with approach 1 or 2 as below

    1. Install  ATA lightweight Gateway on each DC - No approved.

    2. Install ATA Gateway on Each Hyper-V host to receive Mirrored traffic from DCs on that Hyper-V host - No feasible

    But we need to check the possibility of approach 3, based on the article below

    3. DCs on Different Hyper-V hosts to mirror traffic to ATA Gateway(s) on Different Hyper-v Host(s)


    ATA Gateway Domain Controller                            Considerations
    Virtual                Virtual on different hosts
    Make sure your virtual switch supports this scenario.

    So the bottom line is Does Hyper-V allow or can it be configure to sent the Mirrored Traffic from a VM to a VM on another Host, the configuration could involve power shell.

    As per the below article it can capture traffic from Physical machine if port mirroring is configured to the Hyper-V host.


    So more or less we are looking for something in opposite direction.

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    Tuesday, September 19, 2017 6:30 AM

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