Managed Computer Count on FCS Management Console Not Updating RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    I've seen a few threads on this topic but none of the mentioned solutions helped, I think I'm also experiencing something a little different. My issue is that the Managed Computer counter on the FCSMC doesn't find the managed FCS computer that's in MOM and when I run the "Computers Summary" report the only computer that comes back is the "Collection Server" which only has the MOM agent installed.

    Here's a run down of my environment:
    • One Rerpoting Server
    • One Collection Server
    • One Management Server
    • One Distribution Server
    • One Pilot Desktop running FCS Agent
    • DAS/DTS Accounts - dbowners for both OnePoint & SystemCenterReporting Databases
    • Action Account (same as DAS) - local admin on both Reporting and Collection Servers
    I'm able to:
    • Create and deploy FCS Policies (Security Group)
    • Deploy the FCS agents via WSUS
    • Update the FCS defs via WSUS
    • FCS Agents report back to MOM (Collection Data)
    • DTS runs succesfully between Collection and Reporting (14-Day History and Database populated)
    • MOM lists FCS Clients in proper groups and with full attributes
    • Reports can be generated on the specific managed FCS Client via SQL Reporting URL (except the Computer Summary).
    Also wondering if anyone knows what MOM Groups this counter looks at, and what are the default names? I've forced my pilot workstation to be part of the "Microsoft Forefront Client Security Agents" group and this had no effect. I then forced it to be a member of the "Microsoft Forefront Client Security Collector" Group (same as my "Collection Server") and this has incremented the "Managed Computers" counter. I've doubled checked the attributes on the the pilot workstation within MOM and it is part of the "Microsoft Forefront Client Security Agents" group.

    Chris S
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  • Hi,

    For those interested. My Managed Computer count is now correct.

    1. I added a 2nd Managed Computer to our FCS deployment.
    2. Removed the 1st Managed Computer
    3. Re-Added the 1st Managed Computer

    All ticking along nicely now.

    Friday, May 29, 2009 2:59 AM