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  • Imagine my surprise almost two years ago when I decided to be one of the first to deploy Windows Vista  on  one our companies laptops from our  Tech Net subscription during the weekend.

    I arrived on site to install and configure some Cisco routers and booted up the laptop with Windows Vista Business edition.  I made my serial connections to the router and was already to go.  I then began searching for the Hyperterm program to gain access to the Cisco routers.   After a few minutes of fumbling in front of one of our larger customers, I finally searched the the Help looking for the Hyperterm program.   I finally found a blurb stating the Hyperterm had been removed from Windows Vista.

    Now that June 30, 2008 has passed and most of all Windows XP cannot be purchased (based on licensing agreements) will they be allowed to downgrade to Windows XP

    A few weeks ago, I had a customer that wanted Windows 2003 server, not Windows 2008 and I had to perform a similiar downgrade  (Windows 2003 media and a Windows 2008 license)

    Friday, July 18, 2008 1:20 PM

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