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  • So, Ive had this laptop for a while now and I don't specificly know when it started but when ever I boot up my computer, Performance Options appears. I cant run more than one program at a time, sometimes I cant even run one program. Sometimes a pop up comes up and says Low memory. Ive looked it up online and I noticed I dont have a Pagefile for my virtual memory and that's why performance options seems to pop up everytime i boot up.

    When ever I open the virtual memory options it shows that it is on the option "No Paging File". (btw i only have one hard drive in my laptop: C\). So, I click the option "System manage size" then i click set. when i click OK, a pop up says "Another file exists with the file name "c:\pagefile.sys" do you wish to overwrite the existing file with a page file?" so i click Yes. Another pop up "The changes you have made require you to restart your computer" i click OK. I click Apply on performance options. Ok to system properties. I restart my computer, and once I load the computer back up i go back to performance options, nothing has changes. It still says No pagefile. 

    Ive tried this in safemode as well. 

    Wednesday, July 8, 2015 8:43 AM


  • Hi Calculus,

    Your page file might be corrupt, please try deleting it.

    Please follow the article to delete if not able to do it normally

    Delete corrupt pagefile.sys


    I found a thread at which stated that you need to launch a command prompt in Administrative mode and run the command:

    sc config afs start= disabled

    Note that there is no space after start but there is one after =.


    As per one article :

    Usually occurs when the "Everyone" group permissions are removed from the
    %systemdrive% Make sure that the System account (NT Authority) has full
    control of the %systemdrive% and or the drive you're trying to put the
    pagefile on. My Computer|Drive|File|Properties|Security|Permissions

    The system account (nt authority) is the operating system's account and
    needs to have full control of the drive(s) the pagefile exists on. The
    system account is included in the "Everyone" group.

    Error Message: Your System Has No Paging File, or the Paging File Is Too Small:




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    Wednesday, July 8, 2015 9:31 AM