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    I have Windows 2012. I configured the ability to simultaneously connect 200 users Windows RDP.
    And so that Windows would not slow down, I decided that you can connect all 200 users at once. But I can do it manually, connecting user by user.
    Or maybe there is some kind of command in Windows that would launch all users by itself?
    For example, there are commands that terminate the work of users. Or maybe there is a built-in command that would launch Windows users so that they would be launched and wait for a person to connect to them via RDP.

    Let's say the command to terminate the user is called logoff and then you need to specify the user ID. That is, to complete 200 users, I write in the command line
    logoff 1 / v
    logoff 2 / v
    logoff 3 / v
    logoff 4 / v
    logoff 5 / v
    logoff 6 / v
    logoff 7 / v
    logoff 8 / v
    logoff 9 / v
    logoff 10 / v
    logoff 200 / v
    Wednesday, May 26, 2021 2:55 PM

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