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  • I got a program written in Microsoft Access 2003 that i had working all along but the provider of a website I use it to navigate, recently made changes to their page, which necessitated my making changes to mentioned program. They had changed the behaviour of the back button, which now triggers an error page. So I added a second webbrowser control to my program, to take some of the navigations. The problem I am having, is that now, the object model of the webbrowser object has changed. I am able to return a Document object but all the other properties and methods, such as Navigate2 and so on, are replaced with ones i never knew existed like nameProp.

    I wonder if my attempt to upgrade to flash, which eventually failed after detecting that IE10 wasnt compatible, or my other failed attempt to upgrade IE to the crrent version on my Win7 PC, has anything to do with it. Its almost like a part of IE is gone

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    Tuesday, June 24, 2014 11:55 AM

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