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  • Hello Everyone:


    I've spent quite a few days going between SCSM and these forums trying to  troubleshoot my issues with the exchange connector. So far I've reduced the errors in the server manager to just one; which is the following:

    "A Windows Workflow Foundation workflow failed during execution.


    Workflow Type: Microsoft.SystemCenter.ExchangeConnector.ProcessEmailsWorkflow 


    Workflow Identifier: 56e933fd-ad49-f4d7-9c45-153170b4dc82 


    Exception Type: System.NullReferenceException 


    Exception Message: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. 


    Exception Stack:    at Microsoft.SystemCenter.ExchangeConnector.ExchangeInbox..ctor()

       at Microsoft.SystemCenter.ExchangeConnector.ProcessEmailsWorkflow.Execute(ActivityExecutionContext executionContext)

       at System.Workflow.ComponentModel.ActivityExecutor`1.Execute(T activity, ActivityExecutionContext executionContext)

       at System.Workflow.ComponentModel.CompositeActivityExecutor`1.Execute(T activity, ActivityExecutionContext executionContext)

       at System.Workflow.ComponentModel.ActivityExecutor`1.Execute(Activity activity, ActivityExecutionContext executionContext)

       at System.Workflow.ComponentModel.ActivityExecutorOperation.Run(IWorkflowCoreRuntime workflowCoreRuntime)

       at System.Workflow.Runtime.Scheduler.Run()"

    I have no idea whats going wrong this time. I hope someone can help me understand what I'm doing wrong with the connector. Thank you!!


    Monday, December 26, 2011 9:57 PM

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  • Check if some email is stuck in the exchange connector mailbox. Also verify that the workflow account has administrator permissions in SCSM.
    Tuesday, December 27, 2011 10:33 AM
  • The account I'm using has a clear inbox (actually everything is empty) and the account is placed under administrator permissions. The error is still showing after I double-checked these settings.
    Wednesday, December 28, 2011 2:03 PM
  • OK, I changed a few setting and now I'm left with the following error:
    The System Center Data Access service client failed to send a notification via the SMTP server: 
    Exception message:
    System.Net.Mail.SmtpException: The SMTP server requires a secure connection or the client was not authenticated. The server response was: 5.7.1 Client was not authenticated
       at System.Net.Mail.MailCommand.CheckResponse(SmtpStatusCode statusCode, String response)
       at System.Net.Mail.SmtpTransport.SendMail(MailAddress sender, MailAddressCollection recipients, String deliveryNotify, SmtpFailedRecipientException& exception)
       at System.Net.Mail.SmtpClient.Send(MailMessage message)
       at Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.NotificationManagement.SendNotifications(String from, IList`1 toList, IList`1 ccList, IList`1 bccList, String subject, String content, Int32 priority, Encoding encoding, Boolean isBodyHtml, Boolean isMulticast, Int32 protocol, String replyTo, String server, Int32 portNumber, String authentication)
       at Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.NotificationManagement.SendInternal(IDictionary`2 ToAddress, NotificationMessage Message, String FromAddress, IDictionary`2 TokenValues)
    I am using a patched version of the Exchange connector v2.0 to connect to Office 365 if that helps any...
    Wednesday, December 28, 2011 3:52 PM