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  • I have a dashboard that consists of 2 scorecards and one report (all are based on the same SSAS 2005 cube data source using PerformancePoint Monitoring Server 2007 SP2).

    Scorecard 1 has a set of dimension members in the rows, e.g. Stores.
    Scorecard 2 has a different set of dimension members in the rows, e.g. Products.
    The report is an analytic grid (I have tried other types and all produce the same error) that has Store and Product dimensions in the axes for use as link end points.

    In my dashboard page I have filter links as follows from:

    Scorecard 1 to Scorecard 2 - Member Row:MemberUniqueName to Column
    Scorecard 1 to Report - Member Row:MemberUniqueName to Store
    Scorecard 2 to Report - Member Row:MemberUniqueName to Product

    Once deployed I should be able to click on a Store name in Scorecard 1 and it filters both Scorecard 2 and the report for this store. I should also be able to click on a Product name in Scorecard 2 and it filters the report for this product.

    What I see is that if I first click on a row in Scorecard 1 and then Scorecard 2 it works fine. BUT if I first click on a row in Scorecard 2 when the dashboard first opens, instead of filtering the report for this product I get an error in the place of the report - "An unknown error has occurred. If the problem persists contact an administrator. There may be additional information in the server application event log. " I have been unable to get any further log information.

    Is this the intended behaviour of the dashboard and is it not able to deal with filter links set up in this way?

    Thursday, September 10, 2009 12:48 PM