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  • Hello all and thanks for your time and expertise.

    This is not necessarily a hard and fast Tech question per se.  I was recently promoted to a Tech Admin.  There are about 7 or eight guys in this department but only two of them are what I consider server/network administrators.  The rest of the Department is filled with guys with very limited training or experience working in any area of technology let alone servers.  These guys are break/fix guys at best.  However, my current boss has run a loose ship.  To avoid the time and effort of delegating control, etc for different tasks he would just give these guys domain admin privileges. 

    That being said I found this type of handling of high-level accounts reckless to say the least.  I've been in IT for 20 years and the only people that ever had access to servers were server/network administrators and that was it.  However, we have 17 buildings and I only have what I consider three credible administrators.  So I created a policy whereby we created dedicated IT Administrator accounts.  These accounts have full administrator permissions.  And these accounts stay disabled until one of the break/fix guys needs permissions to perform a task that requires server access (like imaging a PC/Laptop on a deployment server) or administrator permissions such as required to install software.  When these guys are finished doing what they need to do - they are to inform us and we then disable the accounts.  Against my better judgment I allow these guys to use administrator accounts to perform tasks on a limited and controlled basis because we need the help.

    However, one of the guys is complaining because he feels he shouldn't have to ask for server access. Please bear in mind this guy has no IT background.  Somehow he feels entitled to do whatever he wants and whenever he wants on a server and on the quiet.  I thought I was being flexible with this policy and instead this guy is bashing me.  Please tell me what you guys think and am I doing the right thing?  How would you guys handle this situation?  Your input and recommendations are greatly appreciated.

    Friday, October 18, 2013 10:30 PM


  • Hello,

    Personally. I feel it is right to enforced a IT policy for your department. Understanding their pain and also try to evaluate the case by case scenarios to the new engineers who are fresh to the domain knowledge.

    It all began on how you want them to follow you. If you are able to lead them then all these issues will be secondary.

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