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  • This is gonna be long and whiney and I apologize in advance.  1st off--I am NOT a techie, never have been, do not want to be.  Forced into upgrading to 8.1 last year when XP support ended.  I bought a wonderful, powerful Acer Aspire Z3-605  all in one desktop with a giant hard drive and a fast processor. The system came loaded with windows 8.0 [loaded at the factory in June 2013] -- I received it in Dec 2013.  The instuctions for set up told me to immediately upgrade the OS to 8.1.  Think 8.1 had been released in early Nov 2013.  So, non-techie that I am--I did that, reinstalled all my files,, etc...I have an ISP offering DSL and the speed was barely dial-up.  What I discovered after messing with it for several weeks--I should have downloaded all the missing 8.0 MS updates from the June 2013 install].  I had to reset the computer and start all over; I chose to NOT upgrade to 8.1 as the 8.0 installation with all the MS updates was working well, speedy, reliable, etc.  I set my update status to automatic and all was well--until Sept 2014 when that whole fiasco about the problems with the updates caused me to lose access to about half my apps.  I researched this on support forums and was told that I needed to go to 8.1--whole bunch of technical reasons which sounded reasonable.

    Well, it is Dec 2013 all over again--the computer is really slow.  I use Avast antivirus, and check the system activity for updates of programs, etc--the problem is NOT a virus or malware--it is just slow.  I am pretty sure it is all that start-up "stuff".  So here is my question--what can I disable to make the system ignore all that start up rigamarole--I am not a gamer, have only a few peripheral programs [foxit pdf, familytreemaker, mozy.com [offsite backup]] so I do not need anything started up to provide access to games.  I will say the setup worked very well with the 8.0 setup so I feel confident I there is not something in my installed programs that is causing the slowdown.  I use Firefox as my primary browser [always have] but IE is activated by familytreemaker and maybe other programs I am aware of.  Is there a list of programs that can safely be disabled--I think 8.1 must come with everything enabled at startup.  I guess I can copy the name of each program enabled and look them up to see what they do but I would rather not take the time it would take. 

    To say I am frustrated with this operating system is putting it mildly.  I realize I am not the only person who feels this way but it seems like something could be done to help the average user.  Or maybe I am not the average user--I felt like I knew what I was doing with XP and rarely had a problem with it in all the years I used it.  Sorry for the rant

    In summary--what can I safely disable to get this puppy out of the bed and running???

    Friday, November 21, 2014 3:24 PM


  • Hi,

    Generally speaking, system running slowly caused by a unknown process that occupy most CPU or RAM resources.

    You can check Task Manager the current system CPU and RAM occupation condition.

    You can follow the steps below to check Windows current Service and program that startup with system. Then choose which service or program you want to disable start with Windows.

    Open Run, type msconfig, switch to Services, check Hide all Microsoft Service, then disable the rest 3rd services.

    Open Task Manager, Switch to Startup, choose which app you need to disable.

    If you need any further assistance, please feel free let me know.

    Roger Lu
    TechNet Community Support

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