IE11 executable doesn't run silently when launched with vbscript RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    I am creating a custom installation package for IE11 using vbscript. If I run the IE11 executable from a command prompt using the silent switches, the program runs without requiring user interaction which is what I ultimately need. If I launch the installation command line from vbscript, I get a security warning and must click the Run button in order to continue even though it's the same command line. This behavior is undesired.

    I found some weak instructions on how to extract the files within the EXE and install using a DISM command but it doesn't tell you what to do with ALL of the files that get extracted.

    I plan to deploy this via SCCM 2012 once testing passes but first I need this app to stop prompting the user for permission to run.

    Here is my vbscript command:

    oShell.Run strDataPath & "IE11-Windows6.1-x86-en-us.exe /quiet /norestart",1,True

    If I click the Run button, IE11 installs and the script completes as designed.

    How can I get around the prompt to run the application?



    Tuesday, May 6, 2014 10:30 PM