Mail flow via high latency / slow link between sites


  • Organization has two Exchange 2013 servers installed in different sites. Sites are connected via satellite link with high latencies (600-1000ms). In the near future TCP-acceleration on network equipment will be disabled because of encryption enforcement. Without TCP-acceleration single TCP (and SMTP) session speeds up to 200kbit/s maximum.

    It looks that Exchange servers do not create more than one SMTP session when transferring messages from server one to another inside of organization and when we turn TCP-acceleration off, messages just stand in queue waiting for other messages to transfer.  If Exchange could create for example a new SMTP session for every message it would help in our situation.

    Is there a way to increase a number of simultaneous SMTP sessions between two Exchange servers, or is there another way to speed up messages transfer in our situation?

    Does Exchange behavior vary in other versions? 2010? 2016?


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