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    I'm monitoring MSMQ 2003 using System Center Operations Manager 2007R2. I have been requested to monitor the number of messages in the MSMQ error queues.  II first though I could use the exisiting 'Number of messages' monitor included in the MSMQ2003 MP.  Buth this is not the case as it is not recommended (by Kevin Holman) to use this monitor if the healthy state is 0 messages in the queue.

    So I set about creating custom monitors which worked fine for our MSMQ 2008R2 servers.

    The problem I have is that the MSMQ names are very long and Windows 2003 has a charater limit.  So the my queue names are:




    actually appear in the performance counter as:




    This means I can't pick out a particular queue name to specifiy in the Monitor performance properties.  The monitor itself is a windows performance counter monitor with a simple threshold.  Is there a way to rename the perfomance monitor counters so that they under the windows 2003 character limit?  I can't change the queue names so I'm stuck as to how to monitor the queues.

    Tuesday, February 1, 2011 2:27 PM


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  • Try a wild card in the name counter name (does not work with object name)
    Microsoft Corporation
    Monday, March 28, 2011 4:01 PM
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