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  • I am looking for pointers regarding recommended approach for managing cross project dependencies in Project Online.

    In the master plan for a release, I create linkages to only salient activities and milestones from the other sub- projects (MPPs). Each sub-project is managed by a different Project Manager.

    The dependencies show up in greyed out text, called ‘ghost tasks’. Upon clicking these, the appropriate MPP would open and take you to that dependent task.

    When all the workstream MPPs are inserted as sub-projectsin the master project plan,Project Online seems to checks out all the plans for editing [when one is editing the master plan]. This impacts other PjMs who may also want to edit their individual plan at the same time.  

    I have observed that Project Online checks out the sub-project (locks for editing by others) even if I were to create a read only link to the sub-project.

    I'd be glad to learn from the collective wisdom and improve the process I am currently using to manage interdependencies.

    Thanks in advance.

    Monday, April 20, 2015 11:38 PM

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  • Hi,

    There are in fact 2 questions here. First how to efficiently manage cross-projects dependencies. Secondly how to manage sub-projects checked out in a master project.

    You actually have 2 ways to manage cross-projects dependencies. The one you are using, creating "hard" link between projects. The other way is to use the deliverable-dependency feature which requires that a project site is created.

    For the second concern indeed the projects inserted in a master project are checked out, UNLESS you collapse them. If the subproject is just displayed as its summary row (row 0) then the project is not checked out. A best practice is to always collapse all sub-projects while closing the master project, so at next opening, you just develop the one you are interested in without checking out the others.

    Hope this helps,

    Guillaume Rouyre, MBA, MVP, P-Seller |

    Tuesday, April 21, 2015 7:46 AM