Email is not flowing from one transport server to another


  • Dear Exchange Expert,

    Currently we are running hybrid environment as we are migrating to office 365. There is a hybrid server (called "exchybrid")that being built as a bridge between on premise existing exchange servers and the office 365, which is running Microsoft Exchange 2010 SP3. this server has all the roles including Mailbox and CAS.

    We have already 2 transport server that being combined into one cluster called "transarray" and it contains our two transport servers, trans1 and trans2. however, I found one funny issue.

    I created one mailbox that reside in this hybrid server. Then I try to do a test to send email from one on premise mailbox that resides on another server (called mb1) to this mailbox that resides in hybrid server. the email won't get flow through. If I am doing tracking via the exchange tracking log explorer, it will only show that the email has been passed from "mb1" to the trans1 and it will be stopping there.

    From what my understanding for internal email since it is just passing between one exchange server to the hybrid server, email should be passed from the "trans1" to the transport of exchybrid server right? usually it is called intra organization smtp send connector. but it didn't.

    is there something wrong with the configuration and how to let the two transport server to talked to each other?


    Wednesday, June 1, 2016 8:03 AM