Secure Store Service config inside Excel 2013 File


  • I have a Excel File that I create a connection to a SQL Server, clicking in the Ribbon: From Other Sourcer->From SQL Server.

    In the Data Connection Wizard there is a Authentication Setting Button, that I can write my SSS ID. And that ID is Stored inside the Excel file. So, I can upload that file to Sharepoint, and the Refresh Data on Sharepoint go ok.

    But now, If I Import the data using the PowerPivot screen, I click From Other Sources-> From SQL Server and the Import Table Wizard appears.

    In Import Table Wizard from Powerpivot Screen, theres no place to write my SSS ID. Then, the file import the data and I can save it. But, when I upload the file to Sharepoint, the data refresh fail.

    I know I can configure SSS ID inside the Sharepoint Server Configuration.

    But my question is: Is that possible to record SSS ID inside the Excel file using the powerpivot, the same way I do using the Excel data import?


    Douglas Chagas

    And sorry about bad english.

    Tuesday, April 29, 2014 3:02 PM