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  • Hello,

    Please advise on how to replace a generic resource who has worked on the task for some time with several named resource to be assigned to the ask at portion of their max capacity.

    For example:

    Suppose there is a 3d, 24h fixed units, non-effort-driven task with a resource R1 assigned to it at 100% capacity. There are also two other resources R2 and R3 assigned to project at Max capacity of 100% each.

    Then assume that resource R1 has worked for 50% of the task duration, so %Complete = 50% (3d/2 = 1.5d is completed with 1.5d remaining)

    Now I want to replace R1 with R2 and R3, but I also want that R1 and R2 be  assigned to the task at only 50% of their capacity.

    I tried to do that  using 2 approaches:

    1. Using Assign Resources dialog box -> Replace button and then  selecting  both  R1 and R2 and assigning them to the task at 50% each holding CNTL button. The result was strange as Project changed both assignment units and peaks for R1 being replaced (from 100% to 50%) and fro R2 (From 50% to 100%).  The task Duration also was increased even though for this type of the task increasing the  duration when units are changed is not a default behavior of the Project.

    2. Using Task Form by first changing remaining duration for R1 to zero, and then changing units for R2 and R3 to 50% each. In this case Project didn't change neither assignment units nor the peaks, but it increased the task duration while I expected it to increase the task's work (expected behavior) and  the peaks ( to keep duration unchanged for this type of the task) .

    Please, explained to how to properly solve this problem.

    Thank you,

    Wednesday, August 31, 2016 11:42 PM

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  • Hi Alex,

    I agree I am seeing some unexpected behavior when using the Replace command and trying to change assignment units.  The only method i could get to work:

    • Set the % complete to 50% - leaving 12 hour of remaining work for R1.
    • Replace R1 with R2 at 100%. 
    • The Duration is still 3 days and 12 hour of work has been assigned to R2.
    • Drop the Assignment units of R2 to 50%.  The remaining work is still 12 hours - the duration increases. 
    • Make the task effort driven as we would like the 12 hours of remaining work to be split between R2 and R3.
    • Assign R3 to the task at 50% assignment units.
    • The duration drops back to 3 days with R2 and R3 having 6 hours of work.

    The only time you will see peak altered is if you are working with Fixed Duration tasks and you modify work OR if you are working with fixed work tasks and you modify duration.

    Thursday, September 1, 2016 10:46 AM
  • Hi Julie,

    Thank you. A very interesting solution.

    I think I find another one that you are going to love as it uses your favorite Task Form.

    1. Assign R1 to the task
    2. Mark task 50% complete
    3. Open Task Form (Work details)
    4. Enter  R2 and R3 at 50% capacity each, and enter zero into  Remaining Work for R1
    5. Click Ok

    What do you think?



    Thursday, September 1, 2016 10:16 PM