DPM 2012 Tape Backup - Expired Tapes reuse issue RRS feed

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  • Hello,

    We have DPM 2012 with short-term and long-term recovery goals.

    Our retention policy is as follows:

    - Protection Groups of same retention policies to be co-located on the same tape

    - A daily backup should happen for all days of the week except on Saturdays where we do a Weekly backup

    - A monthly backup to occur on the last day of each month

    - We want to make use of the same tapes used in the daily backup of the first week for the days in the second week by expiring them and reusing them

    In total, we would require 7 tapes for the daily backup, 4 tapes for the weekly, and 12 tapes for the monthly and tried to setup the recovery goals accordingly as shown in the screenshots below:

    Customize Recovery Goals

    Tape Optimization Setup

    We then tried backing up on a daily basis using new tapes for each day, and after 7 days, the tapes expired as per our setup. We are now facing an issue related to re-using the expired tapes where DPM is not able to re-use them automatically and generates the following alert for expired tapes that are being loaded for re-use:

    Event Description: The back up to tape job failed for the following reason: (ID 3311)

    Event Details:

    The tape in Tape Library IBM TotalStorage 3576 Modular Tape Library at Drive IBM ULTRIUM III 3580 TAPE DRIVE has been written to by another tape backup application using an unsupported physical block size. DPM supports a physical block of 65536 bytes for writing and a physical block size ranging from 1024 bytes to 65536 bytes for reading. So DPM will not be able to read or overwrite the contents of this tape. (ID 24084 Details: When accessing a new tape of a multivolume partition, the current block size is incorrect (0x80070452))

    Go to the Libraries tab in the Management pane, select the tape, and click on Erase tape to erase the content of this tape. After erasing this tape, DPM will be able to use it for backups.

    To note that these tapes were not written on by another backup application since they are new.

    Thanking you in advance.

    Saturday, June 23, 2012 9:27 AM