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  • I am testing Windows Vista RC1 and trying to access my Hotmail Plus subscription account using Windows Mail.

    I have read other threads where other RC1 testers, who have been unable to setup Hotmail using the Windows Mail component in Vista RC1 as well.  The error message states that a paid subscription to Hotmail is required for setup.  I have a Hotmail Plus subscription and have been unsuccessful in setting up my account.  I have sought help from the 1) Windows Live support team, 2) the MSN - Hotmail Support team, and 3) the Windows Mail support team.  Each time, I been referred to another team for technical support and it has finally pointed back to the start.  Can someone please HELP ME!

    I am attaching segments of the support e-mails that I have received in trying to find an answer:

    Dear Naveen Kolli,
    I have just received an e-mail from Immanuel who requested that I seek help from the Hotmail Support team.  What I believe he failed to do was read the e-mail from the Hotmail Support team referring me to his team.  Please review all the attached e-mails and see that I have been sent from the Vista support team, to the Hotmail support team, to the Windows Mail support team.  PLEASE HELP ME!
    Can you identify the correct support team?  Can you assist me and help answer what should be a simple question, setting up Windows mail for Hotmail Plus subscribers.  If no one can answer this question, then this issue needs to raised as a major defect in Windows Vista RC1 - Windows Mail mod. More importantly, Cristina C of the MSN - Hotmail Technical Support team says that this is not a Hotmail Support team issue. Who is right? Can you contact the Hotmail Support team and figure out who should handle these issues?
    I hope you can help me, help Microsoft.
    Prof Liao, MCP
    Here are the attached e-mail thread:
    Hello Prof,
    Thank you for contacting Microsoft Online Customer Service.
    I understand from your e-mail that you are experiencing issues with Hotmail Plus. I realize the importance of the issue and look forward to direct you to appropriate resources.
    As you are experiencing issues with Hotmail, I suggest that you contact the Hotmail Support team to get further assistance. They have the required understanding of their accounts and services, and would be the best people to help you.
    To contact the Hotmail team, please fill the e-mail form located in the following page:
    After filling that form, you will receive a reply from the Hotmail team within 24 hours.
    If you wish to report a Hotmail site outage, you can also call at (650) 964-7200 Monday - Friday, 10:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. Pacific Time.
    In the meantime, if you are able to access your Hotmail account and would like to view self-help resources like FAQs, please use these steps:
    1. Sign in to Hotmail, and then click Help in the upper-right corner of the web page.
    2. Click on either "Find" or "All topics" option.
    Prof, I hope the above information is helpful.
    Thank you for using Microsoft products and services.
    Microsoft Online Customer Service Representative
    If you have any feedback about your Online Customer Service experience please email my manager, Naveen Kolli, at managers@microsoft.com
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    Date:   Thursday, October 12, 2006  06:06 AM
    To:   CS (msconus@microsoft.com)
    Subject:  Windows Mail Setup for Hotmail Plus
    O/S: Windows Vista RC1
    Br: IE 7.0
    Country/Region: United States
    OtherWindows Mail
    O/S:  windows nt 5.1
    O/S Lang: en-us
    Br:  msie 6.0
    Br lang: en-us
    Message: How can I setup Windows Mail for my Hotmail Plus Subscription account?
    I have the following responses from the Hotmail Plus team and the Windows Live Support Vista team:
    Hello Prof,
    Thank you for writing to MSN Hotmail Technical Support.    
    This is Cristina and I am going to assist you with your concern today.  To give the most accurate support possible, I would like to give you a brief summary of the problem. As I understand it, you would like to be able to set up your MSN Hotmail Plus account to Windows Mail.  If this is exactly your concern, I know how important it is for you to be able to access your account the way you prefer and I am pleased to be of assistance.
    I would love to instruct or assist you on doing this, but apparently, I am not the best person who can provide you support with this. You have reached a group, which only specializes in issues with MSN Hotmail.  Microsoft Support Professional that specializes in Windows Mail could best address this issue.  They are the ones who possess the necessary knowledge and tools to assist you with this matter.  Please click on the link below to contact them:
    You are a valuable customer to MSN and we are glad to give you consistent and effective service.  On behalf of the entire Hotmail staff, a heart-felt thank you for your continued support.
    Cristina C.   
    MSN Hotmail Technical Support
    --- Original Message ---
    Sent: Tuesday, October 10, 2006 9:09:13 PM UTC
    To: exst_support_x
    Subject: MSN Hotmail Plus:Connection/Sign In Proble:Access Denied. Account Bl
     MSN Hotmail Plus
    What type of problem do you have?
     Connection/Sign In Problem
     Access Denied. Account Blocked error
    Be specific when describing your problem. The details that you include enable us to promptly send you the most likely solution to your issue.
    I am beta testing Vista RC1 using Windows Mail.  I am attempting to logon to my Hotmail Plus account.  Instructions say that a paid subscription is supported.  I contact beta support to learn how to setup Windows mail for hotmail plus.  Their response was:
    Dear Prof,
    Thank you for contacting Windows Live Mail Technical Support. My name is Joe. I will be happy to assist you with your issue.
    First of all, let us apologize for the delay answering your request, we appreciate your patience.
    We understand that you are having some issues regarding MSN Hotmail Plus. We apologize for any inconvenience this is causing you.
    After reviewing your account, we determined that your issue is related to MSN Hotmail Plus. In order to get the proper support for this product, please follow these steps:
    a.    Navigate to http://support.msn.com
    b.    Sign in using your e-mail address and password
    c.    Click the product you have a question about *MSN Hotmail Plus*.
    d.    Fill out the form and click "Submit".
    If you need to contact the Windows Live Support Team regarding the same issue please mention that in the comments portion of the support request. This will enable us to review your case and provide you with different troubleshooting steps to resolve the problem you are having.
    We would appreciate if you take a moment to send some feedback to out Product Development Team regarding Windows Live Mail and Windows Live Support Beta. We value any ideas or suggestions you may have that can help us improve our product or services. Thank you for your participation!
    All feedback can be sent to http://feedback.live.com by clicking on the product and submitting a form.
    Again, thank you for contacting Windows Live Mail Technical Support.
    Windows Live Support
    Friday, October 13, 2006 1:40 PM

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    It's been a week now without resolution and I have gotten two new responses this week-end from Windows Mail technical support staff asking me to raise the queation with the Hotmail Support team and the other response being the Hotmail support team pointing to the Windows Mail Technical team.

    Is this a serious flaw in Windows Mail?!?

    When Windows Vista is distributed to the world, is this the death of Hotmail?

    I am reading other forums, i.e. IE7, where there are others saying that they cannot hookup to Hotmail. 

    Are there anyone else out there that cannot access their hotmail account using IE7 or Windows Mail?

    Better question: Is there anyone able to access their Hotmail account using Windows Mail?

    Sunday, October 15, 2006 10:18 PM
  • Two weeks ago, I installed Vista RC1 which includes Windows Mail (replacing Outlook Express).  It says that it will only access paid Hotmail subscriptions, not free http mail accounts.  I have a Hotmail Plus account and I am unable to connect to my e-mail.

    I have sent requests for help to the Windows Live Mail Technical Support team, Hotmail Technical Support team, Windows Vista Beta Support team, and the Windows Mail Technical Support team.  Each team has responded at least twice saying that it is another team's issue.  My Hotmail account was verified as a paid subscription account and is working fine, yet the Windows mail team says it is a Hotmail technical issue.

    Can anyone help?

    If Windows Mail cannot support paid Hotmail subscriptions, Is Hotmail dead?

    Saturday, October 21, 2006 4:11 AM
  • Were you able to reslove this issue?! It is driving me crazy!!!
    Monday, April 30, 2007 6:27 PM
  • I am sorry that it took so long to get a responce. I too have Hotmail Plus and Windows Mail did not support IMAP support to access Hotmail. Suggestion, please upgrade to Office Outlook.


    Correct me if I am wrong, I hate to deliver bad news.

    Thursday, June 28, 2007 6:00 AM
  • You have got to be kidding me?

    Whom ever is in charge of hotmail, take some freaking responsibility.

    Whoever is in charge of Vista, better dang well take responsibility.

    I bought Ultimate and this is the kind of crud I have to read.

    Bad enough you haven't fixed any inherent problems let alone introduced less features, less productivity and removed the few things worthwhile.

    Get on the ball here MS this is ridiculous!

    Friday, October 5, 2007 2:09 AM
  • I agree, it is ridiculous !!


    Sunday, October 26, 2008 10:59 PM
  • Guys,  Have you found a resolution for this? 

    I can't imagine why such crucial features would be removed without disregard for end users like this; I'm facing a similar issue with a paid Hotmail account and Windows Mail.
    Wednesday, April 22, 2009 11:08 AM