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    We are trying to modernise our BI software installment, at the moment we are using old WebFocus BI software (version 7...). First we looked into the same Information Builder's software WebFocus, but newer version of course.

    Now I got an assignement that I should install Power BI (trial) software also in our company, so that they can get a glimpse, of what that software offers comparing to WebFocus BI.

    First things first. At the moment our setup uses Sybase IQ 15.2 database for data warehous'ing. Nowadays quite old, yes. The next step would be also to upgrade that one also, we just don't know what that would be in our case.

     I did browse a bit, and I got confused about Power BI products. We are not interested in cloud services, so servers should be on-premise.

    So I think that we need these two, correct..? (or do we need only one of these..?)

    "Power BI Reporting Server"
    "Power BI Desktop"
    I did download reporting server, and with that of course BI desktop that comes with it.

    Now during the reporting server install, it says that it needs "an instance of SQL Server Database Engine" for that to work.

     QUESTION1: Does this mean, that I can't connect Power BI Reporting Server into my Sybase IQ data warehouse to build reports..?
    QUESTION2: And is the SQL Server database only option for storing data for report building..? (meaning we can't build reports with Power BI reporting server, since we are using Sybase IQ for our data warehouse database)

    Now onto the Power BI Desktop.
    Here it states that Sybase is available data source.
    But I did notice the minimum "data source version" there, since we have 15.2, then we are still in luck, since minimum is 16+, correct..?

    Thursday, February 14, 2019 1:22 PM