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  • Hi again all.

    Ploughing on with setting up PWA and happy to say we have the basics and the team are finding it much easier to use and setup than the resource pool I had previously setup on a network drive. Now I want to continue to make things as easier for them as possible and looking at the other options we have available to do this.

    I'm trying to remove some of the manual process we have. At the moment I verbally tell a PM they have a project assigned to them and they go through the process of creating the plan from a template and eventually publish to PWA. I have created a project type and assigned a specific template to it, and now what I'm looking at is the ability to build a team. My plan is to create the project in PWA, assign them as the owner and then they build the plan and add themselves as a resource. I was hoping that when I did this and assigned them as an owner, they would have received some form of notification but none appeared to be received. I did enable the notifications option in the server settings, but I suspect what I want to do isn't possible. Is that correct?

    Thursday, August 2, 2018 10:22 AM

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  • DangerM0use --

    There is no default e-mail message sent from Project Online when you assign a new Owner to a project.  I would speculate that you might be able to do this through custom software development, however.  Personally speaking, I think the verbal communication would be enough.

    Also, after you have assigned a PM as the new Owner of the project, keep in mind that the PM needs to open the project in Microsoft Project Professional, temporarily insert the Status Manager column, and then set themselves as the Status Manager for every task in the project.  The person designated as the Status Manager is the one who receives and approves task updates from team members in the project, so this MUST be changed in each project.

    Hope this helps.

    Dale A. Howard [MVP]

    Thursday, August 2, 2018 3:02 PM
  • DM - if you have set an individual as the Project Owner they should be able to see the Project in the Project Centre and have the ability to open and edit the project either in PWA or in Project Pro.

    I am assuming your users have access to PWA, are you using Project Permissions Mode or SharePoint Permissions Mode? The former provides a more robust and secure approach to security as far as user permissions are concerned.

    Dales advice around the Status Manager feature is important as at the outset the person who creates the project (you) will be deemed to be the Status Manager - when your colleagues open and edit the plan in Project Pro their names will be available to select as the Status Manager on tasks in the project.

    NOTE - when a team member views their tasks if they click on a tasks name it will display the Assignment Details page, on this page the "Approval Manager" is shown, for whatever reason Microsoft use this term to denote the Status Manager, so the terms are interchangeable - just in case you find this and wonder what the difference is.

    As you become more au-fait with Project Online you might want to explore "Generic Resources" and look to populate your Project Templates with Generic Resources so that when a new project is created using an Enterprise Project Type it comes loaded with demand for resource which can then be satisfied by people with the appropriate skills, roles or whatever criteria you employ to define your Generic Resources.

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  • Thanks for the responses both.
    Friday, August 3, 2018 10:45 AM