sharepoint 2013 online & visual studio 2013 & workflow activity


  • Hello all,

    I need help :) because I will soon start to go bald :)

    we have sharepoint online and vs 2013

    I want to create own activity in vs 2013 for sending email with posibility attach files or file links from list and deploy this workflow activity to our sharepoint online.

    I want to use this activity in my forkflows in sp lists for sending emails with files or file links from sp lists.

    please, describe me how I can do it ? how deploy activity from vs to sharepoint online ? which additional subscription I should buy ? which steps I should do ? ...

    I go in circles to no avail for a week :(

    please, help :)

    I confused completally

    Thursday, March 2, 2017 10:08 PM

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