Custom Login Page throws invalid path error RRS feed

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  • I took the Login.asp file from the von\internalsite\samples folder and placed it into the von\internalsite\customupdate folder with a new name "customlogin.asp" and just changed one of the text messages.

    I modified the authentication tab in the trunk and set the user logon page property to "customupdate/customlogin.asp".  However, after activation attempting to access the site simply throws this error:

    request from source IP address xx.xx.xx.xx, user on trunk qadev; Secure=1 for application Internal Site of type InternalSite failed. The URL /InternalSite/CustomUpdate/CustomLogin.asp?resource_id=2&login_type=2&site_name=qadev ...... contains an illegal path. The rule applied is Default rule. The method is GET.

    I copied the InternalSite_Rule1 and just modified the URL to that specific custom login asp file, but that doesn't make sense why it is falling through that list?  I don't recall ever having to do that with IAG?  This is UAG with all the latest updates.


    Tuesday, May 22, 2012 9:00 PM


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