Microsoft Edge Kiosk Crashes in Multi App Assigned Access RRS feed

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  • Hello,

    Let me start with an apology. I know this is an IE forum, but I couldn't find one to support Edge, so I'm posting here in the hopes that you might have some knowledge on the topic.

    I am trying to deploy a kiosk solution to our college's enrollment center. It needs to display a start page with links and allow for navigation control and also an in private session so that session data is destroyed when a user is done.

    I have tried setting up IE, Chrome, Firefox, and now Edge. So far each of the configurations has had some limitations, such as the lack of navigation or tabbed browsing or an easy way to end the session while still keeping the computer locked down.

    Edge has gotten me the closest to the desired solution, and in fact it's almost perfect, except one thing, it's so fragile! It is super easy for a user to break it irrecoverably. For instance, if you click the favorite button to expand the favorites, then click the pin, then click end session, Edge enters a loop and crashes repeatedly. If I UNC to the machine and delete the Microsoft.Edge appx folder from appdata, then reboot the computer, it fixes it. This is not a very good deliverable, but if I don't get something else working by Thursday this week, it's what I'm rolling with for version 1. 

    I was trying to get Kiosk Browser from the Microsoft store, but our district has it inadvertently blocked. I have a help ticket in for them to provide it so I can try one last thing, but I was hoping to get a life preserver from one of you wise people.

    TIA for any help you may be able to provide.

    Monday, September 23, 2019 4:18 PM