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  • I have an HP ENVY-17 Notebook PC model WQ831UA, Serial# CNF0261FMJ.
    It has two disk drives, One with 4 partitions for Windows 7 Home Basic: C:,E:,F:,H:,
    and another drive with one partition Lettered D: that was empty.

    Because Windows 7 Home Basic does not run my 30 year old command-line programs,
    and because Windows 7 Home Basic does not allow installation of XP mode,
    I installed Windows 7 Ultimate on the empty disk drive lettered D:. And on that I
    installed "Windows XP Mode - Windows Virtual PC" which produces a realistic XP window.

    From my experience in the past building computers with two disk drives each having
    its own operating system (though one was Windows and one was Linux), I expected
    Ultimate to call its own Drive C:, but it did not reletter it, and kept it as D:.

    Then I started the Windows XP Mode Windows Virtual PC and in it I double clicked on both
    the command-line program icon and disk D down to D:\ad\bin (called "\\tsclient\D\ad\bin").

    When I double click the command-line program's icon in the D:\ad\bin folder,
    one old command-line program prints a few lines, if there are no arguments, by producing a
    command prompt window and displays the lines in the window. A carriage return or a
    control-C that I type then ends the execution so quickly I cannot detect more messages.

    Double-clicking another old command-line program, that normally waits for keyboard-entered
    data, looks like it displays a line or two and then quickly ends execution disappearing
    so quickly that one cannot read it without a fast movie camera whose picture is
    slowed down, and I don't have one.

    However, when I double click the command prompt icon in the start menu of
    the XP mode Virtual machine, the command prompt window displays a "C:" contrary
    to the "D:" in the "\\tsclient\D\ad\bin" displayed at the top of the bin folder window.
    Then if I type D: to try to get it to the correct disk, the command window reads:
    C:\Documents and Settings\XPMUser>D:
    The device is not ready.
    C:\Documents and Settings\XPMUser>  (Here I have to upper corner click X in order to quit)

    Isn't it a Microsoft bug that part of the XP Mode virtual machine thinks it's on D:,
    and the other part thinks it is on C:, and won't allow a change to D:?

    I think this should be reported to Microsoft as a bug, but I don't know how to do that.
    Microsoft is not set up to accept a bug report in my situation on drive D:


    Wednesday, September 8, 2010 10:59 PM