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  • Hi there

    SQL servers are configured to begin backups (Incrementals)at 18:00 and the backup window ends the following day at 14:00.

    SharePoint 2010 farm is being migrated to another data centre by backing up the SharePoint & content databases, then restoring in the new farm at another data centre. Entire content is 1.5TB.

    Please note that the new farm is brand new SharePoint instance built from scratch.

    Like to know the best backup & restore strategy to assure:-

    1. Up to date data is migrated to new farm, so that end users can work with up to date data.
    2. SharePoint is available from new data centre at its full service.

    The duration for database backup and restore time can impact the strategy, so best approach is sought.


    Apriori algorithm [association rule]

    Thursday, September 3, 2015 4:08 PM


  • Hi Apriori,

    I am assuming, based on your description, that you are not using any 3rd party tool to do the migration, but you are doing an AS IS migration through database backup/restore. Based on this assumption, and based on the assumption that you have multiple content DBs (hopefully not one 1.5 TB content DB), I suggest the following:

    1. Create your Service Applications in your target farm
    2. Create your web applications in your target farm
    3. Migrate the content DBs for your service applications first
    4. Migrate one Content DB at a time; do not do everything at once. This will be time consuming and you may not finish during the non-working hours
    5. Make sure the source site collection of the one you are migrating is read only; that way users cannot add to it
    6. Repeat 3-6 until you are done.

    This scenario will make sure you don't have downtime during business hours and will make sure you are migrating one piece at a time. This means your users will have to be on 2 systems for the time being, but they will always have access to the farm.


    mike maadarani

    Thursday, September 3, 2015 4:20 PM