Data Mismatch between user's entry in Data Source and Conector Space


  • Hi,

    I am facing one strange issue in my environment. I have one SQL MA configures which picks up the employee ID from a SQL 2005 table and updates it in connectror space which subseqiesntly flow to MV. That SQL table is the first in the attribute flow precence for the Employee ID attribute.

    Now the problem is, in my SQL table the Employee ID is showing correctly (like 00000123), but in my connector space it is showing as 00204567 and the same is flowing to my Metaverse. The correct employee ID is 00000123.

    In short:
    --> The correct employee ID is 00000123.
    --> The correct employee ID is showing up correctly in the authorative data source for employee Id attribute i.e. SQL 20005 table.
    --> The employee Id showing in SQL MA Connector Space is 00204567.(Incorrect)
    --> The employee Id showing in Metaverse is also 00204567.(Incorrect)
    --> Contributing MA in MV for Employee ID is showing up in Metaverse is SQL MA.

     There is no error showing up on this ID in Metaverse and on the associated connectors for this ID.

    Could somebody please guide, what could be the issue here and how to resolve it.

    Anurag Pareek

    Monday, November 21, 2011 12:37 PM


  • Just an innocent question from someone not looking over your shoulder...how do you know you're looking at the right object in the connector space that corresponds to the record in the SQL table?  Is this happening for everyone or just some records?

    I'd start by double-checking the MA configuration and that it is pointing at the same table that you are looking at for comparison, and then verifying that the record you're examining is the right one.

    Is the employee ID the anchor for the MA, or do you have another value that is the anchor?  Maybe there is a problem with your import flow rule grabbing the wrong source attribute.


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