Hyper-V WMI provider for DPM (inside VM) RRS feed

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  • Hi there.

    I would really appreciate it if MS could get Item Level Recovery (ILR) working from within a VM instance of DPM 2010 for protected VMs, especially on Win2k8 R2.

    I know it's not possible due to DPM requiring the Hyper-V role to enable guest VM ILR . The best insights I've found is from  According to John (author) the problem is that DPM uses the Hyper-V WMI interface for working with the VHD files due to Win2k8 legacy, not smart for R2 though (R2 can mount .vhd files directly)...

    I'd appreciate it if the DPM team could review their use of the Hyper-V WMI when installed on Win2k8 R2 or alternatively have the OS/Hyper-V team review their decision to prevent installing any part of the Hyper-V role from inside a Hyper-V VM.  I know and understand why installing a hypervisor inside another hypervisor is a bad idea, but in this scenario you don't really need a full hypervisor, just the WMI provider...

    As it stands I can use ILR with protected VMs on a physical host or from within a VMWare guest - neither my first choice.

    So my query is to find out if an add-on for DPM exists to simply install the required Hyper-V WMI provider?  If not, why has this not been released considering the product is already post SP1, ticking into year 2 and I'm definitely the first or the last requesting this.  If it's already available, please direct me to it or if there is an 'unofficial' workaround I'd even consider it...


    Monday, December 13, 2010 12:44 PM