Random Network Copy Issues and DHCP Problems


  • I am not too sure if these are related, but I figured I would ask about them together at first and see what people think. We upgraded all our servers to 2008 r2 (from 2003) and upgraded all our clients to Win 7 Pro (from XP) a few months ago. Since the upgrade we have been noticing 2 problems.

    1. When copying larger files, they sometimes slowdown to the point where the copy stops. No errors are given and it never errors out (waited over 24 hours). The copy is just stopped. This has occurred between servers, from HTTP to servers and from clients to the server. I have not seen it happen from server > client so it appears to only be when something is being copied to a server. It doesn't happen all the time and seems to come and go randomly.

    2. On one subnet, PCs randomly are unable to get a DHCP connection. These computers turn on via Wake on Lan and then auto logon in the morning. Suddenly, they will be unable to get an IP and will continue to be unable to get an IP even after a reboot. We have found the most "permanent" solution is to delete the PC from AD and DHCP and then reboot. But, even when the machine has no IP, we can usually get one to appear by renewing ipconfig or just pulling and re-inserting the network cable. Those 2 methods don't seem to persist as long though. The AD method usually fixes the machine for a month or more and then it sometimes comes back.
    The only special thing about these PCs is they are deepfreezed. Otherwise they use the same image as all other PCs. We ran this exact setup on XP though and never had any of these issues.

    Hopefully this is in the right area, thanks!

    Friday, July 12, 2013 5:07 PM