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  • Hello,

    I was finally able  to generate a StackedColumn100 graphic from powershell :)
    This is the result for two data series:

    Used space:
    $ProcessList = "A","B","C","D","E","F","G","H","I","J","K","L","M","N","O","P","Q","R","S","T","U","V","Z","X"
    $Placeholder = 142,130,147,143,156,47,28,148,110,120,107,117,133,142,119,111,146,124,152,90,126,147,148,161

    Free space:
    $ProcessList = "A","B","C","D","E","F","G","H","I","J","K","L","M","N","O","P","Q","R","S","T","U","V","Z","X"
    $Placeholder = 28,49,22,39,24,132,151,22,61,59,72,62,38,28,52,59,24,47,18,89,44,24,36,23

    This represent Used and Free space for Storage devices A,B,C...
    What I'm unable to figure out is how to print as labels the data from $placeholder and not the % value
    For example for the first column:
    A Used Space = 142
    A Free Space = 28
    142+28=170 (170 is 100%)
    Used space = 83.53% - printed as label
    Free space = 16.47% - printed as label

    Instead %83.53 & %16.47, I would like to print 142 and 28.
    I've used for each series .IsValueShownAsLabel = $true but this will display the %value and not the data value

    Thank you for any suggestion!

    Friday, June 5, 2020 8:36 PM

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  • When you crosspost the same question at the same time to different forums you should at least post links to the other forums along with your question to avoid people willing to you help making their work twice or more.


    Live long and prosper!


    Friday, June 5, 2020 9:22 PM
  • Dear aureliandan,

    it's great that you post you test data, and described your question (clear enough), but unfortunatelly you do not post a script which generate chart for you.

    Changes should be made in that script, and most effective way to do this is just aks author for help.

    The opinion expressed by me is not an official position of Microsoft

    Monday, June 8, 2020 5:42 AM
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