HTC MyTouch USB disk Driver Problem


  • I have a Mytouch 4G that works fine as a disk drive on a Vista PC (and until recently on a Win 7 PC).  Same device, same USB cable, same SD Card.  On the Vista machine since the phone had not been used on it before, Vista identified the new hardware and then loaded the new drivers from the phone and all was fine.

    On the Win 7 machine, where the phone had been installed and was working fine previously, the phone is recognized by Device manager but is now seen as an unrecognized  generic storage device and does not appear as a valid drive E: under the Computer drive display list.  I am guessing that the driver file for the HTC on the PC may have become corrupted but rather than reloading from the phone, Windows sees the correct driver file out there, and uses it rahther than ask for anew one from the phone.

    a) Does it seem like I am on the right track?

    b) Is there a way to force Windows to bring in a completely new set of Install files for the HTC without having it "Repair" the whole universe?

    c) Any suggsetions that might lead me to a more accurate and efficient approach would be greatly appreciated.




    R Beman
    Sunday, September 11, 2011 5:32 AM