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  • I have a problem backing up the SQL databases of a DPM server.

    DPM Server A backs up DPM Server B's DPM databases and vice versa.

    Dates, times and time zones are correct on both DPM A & B

    The backup by DPM Server A of Server B's DPM databases results in correct recovery point dates and times.  

    The backup of DPM Server A's SQL Databases by B results in recovery points that are 6-7 hours ahead in time.  Very Odd.  I even deleted the entire protection group and started over today.

    A new SQL backup at 11:35AM PST today resulted in a latest recovery point that was 6:53PM today. 

    If I try to restore these databases as a test I get the following error:

    "The recovery point location that you have passed is invalid. Please try again with a different value. (ID: 31050)." 

    I was going to see later tonight if recovery point is recoverable after this time has passed.

    DPM A & B are running DPM 2010 with SQL running on each.

    Windows 2008 R2.


    EDIT:  It looks like it might be trying to use GMT for the Recovery Point times.


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  • Moderator might need to move this over to --->

    Data Protection Manager - General

    • File level shows the same date issue

    • BMR fails for whatever reason by just System State backups work,  but they have the time issue as well.

    I just got past the time stated for the Recovery Point of System State and that finally allowed me to recover data.

    Tuesday, June 12, 2012 10:48 PM
  • Hi Malunx,

    Check this link to see how DPM manages time :


    Wednesday, June 13, 2012 8:29 AM
  • I came across that article as well.

    All of my servers are in the same time zone and in the same data center as well.  Not sure if this made a difference that caused the issue but I had previously been backing up the DPM SQL server to itself so I could get a copy on tape.  I know that is the wrong way to do it and so as I brought up another DPM 2010 server earlier in the year I wanted to get each server backing up the other's SQL DBs.

    I did have one residual protection group still around when I detached/reached the other DPM server.  I was going to delete that today and see if that made a difference.

    It's acting like a time delayed bank vault right now.  I can take a backup but I can't restore it for 7 hours.  Not sure if this is has manifested itself because I am trying to backup another DPM server. No other of my 100+ servers exhibit this behavior.  I just made this cutover as well.

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  • From the article that you posted at the bottom it says:

    "To resolve this problem, you can force the DPM server to reset the time zone offset by removing the data sources from protection and then adding the data sources back to protection groups."

    I did that to no avail.  Does SQL have it's own clock method that might be skewing this backup? If so, would it be the SQL server on the backup host or the server being backed up?

    Wednesday, June 13, 2012 1:00 PM
  • Probably gonna need a PSS call since these problems seem rare.

    I am trying to setup a basic cyclic scenario with two DPM 2010 servers.

    Here is what I have found so far in addition to the recovery point timing issue:

    • BMR Backups fail when run from another DPM server. Local BMR backups function properly. Local/Remote System State backups function properly as well.
    • Recovery points dates/times of file, SQL and System State data show a future time of 6-8 hours in the future
    • Protected Server volume does not show up as available on DPM Host that is having problems
    • The DPM icon does not show up as well when expanding server resources

    Check out screenshots. One side of the cyclic scenario doesn't see the attached DPM server as a DPM server and also doesn't show the "Protected Servers" resource. It does see SQL DBs though.

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  • Opened a PSS call yesterday.  

    For whatever reason, as engineer took an extra backup of DPM database the DPMBackup.exe -db command, the backup server began to see the other as a DPM server and the time issues when away. This somehow cleared those problems up. Once this backup completed those issues fixed themselves. That didn't make sense to me but it is progress. We then spent the next 7 hours trying to resolve the BMR issue. PSS is now going to see if they can duplicate in lab. It has so far been noted as a peculiar access related issue that isn't allowing the image of DPM A to be saved correctly onto DPM B. They were able to manually save the image file at command line to DPM B's mounted shadow volume.

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