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  • How can images be embedded with relative links?

    My Word files are not converted to PDF or HTML or any other format.  I need to be able to mail Word files with the image files linked within them without the receiver having to PAINSTAKINGLY relink every image. I do not want to have to embed the images as the contents of some of the images changes and we need to be able to replace the files.

    I have tried to figure out a way to use relative links but this doesn't seem to work for me.

    Monday, April 15, 2013 8:24 PM


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  • It seems you actually need to use the absolute hyperlink instead of the relative hyperlink.

    See How to create absolute hyperlinks and relative hyperlinks in Word documents

    Let's see, if you need to update the images that embedded in the documents, you have to keep it on a server share that the other users could also access it, right?

    To do so, when we need to embed the image, make sure you have used the correct absolute hyperlink to the image.

    For example, \\servershare\images\image_001.jpg

    Max Meng
    TechNet Community Support

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    Wednesday, April 17, 2013 2:41 AM
  • To see how to implement relative paths in Word, check out the solution I've posted at:

    Paul Edstein
    [MS MVP - Word]

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    Friday, April 19, 2013 9:53 AM
  • There is a Word feature when inserting images for you to choose Insert, Link, or Insert and Link. Have you tried the Insert and Link function? Or is this the function you are referring to as "relative links" and are having difficulty making work in your environment?

    With Insert and Link the image is embedded and the link is also available. When the link is refreshed, either on open or manually and as long as the link path is available to the end user, the linked image is used. Otherwise, if the link path is not available then the embedded image is used.

    Kind Regards, Rich ... http://greatcirclelearning.com

    Friday, April 19, 2013 11:02 AM
  • From what the OP has posted, the 'Insert and Link' option wouldn't be viable, since the images need to be updated periodically. For that, one needs working links. The link in my previous post shows how the field codes can easily be modified to achieve that.

    Paul Edstein
    [MS MVP - Word]

    Saturday, April 20, 2013 12:19 AM