Lotus Notes to Exchange online Migration.


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    We are doing migration from lotus notes to Microsoft office 365 (exchange online)

    the below points mentioned from customer need to clarified.

    1.        Address book  - Mail Search function to handle both SXXXX address book and personal address book. the search type ahead logic is that User VS1 need to be displayed before user VS18. This should be fast enough.

    2.         Search order of Mails including Archives to have some intelligent.

    3.        Mail forwarding rule - Example - All mails to User NS1 need to also go to NSO1, NSOFF & similarly all mails to user VS1 need to go to VSOFF.

    4.        The created Contacts for the users NS1 and VS1 need to be synced only from the specific user devices of Satya & Srinivasan laptops respectively.

    5.        Mail when sent from users NS1 and VS1 either on their Desktops, Laptops or from Mobile Devices should automatically have a BCC to NS OFF, VS OFF ID's respectively.

    6.        The Attachment in the mobile device should be at the bottom.

    7.        Any Draft Mails saved in the Draft folder of the User's Laptop or Desktop should also sync to the Mobile Devices and to all other Devices.

    8.        Please confirm that the search function in the Mobile Device app or the Desktop device covers all the contents including all documents, folders, archive mails etc.

    9.        Any Anniversary reminders need to be shown in the no time zone.

    10.        There should be no repeat entries when the Mail, Calendar, Contacts etc is migrated from Lotus Notes to Cloud Mail.

    11.        Our Dy Chairman's Mail box currently has 1000+ folders and the same need to be migrated and maintained in Cloud Mail.

    12.        Mail should have the first time sync feature at all times without any delay.

    13.        Mail Sync issues should not exist when the user is away from his home station. (Sync while roaming)

    14.        Does MS Cloud Mail have any Sync issues between the Client and Mailbox when the mailbox size is very large?

    15.        Calendar entries for archived period also need to be migrated.

    16.        In the Users Mailbox, the User need to be able to see the designation and dept of each of the Sanmar users.

    17.        All Mails and contacts up to date contacts need to sync.

    18.        There should be no Attachment truncation in Android Mobiles.

    19.        When an excel sheet pasted in the Mail (it is not an attachment) is replied from IPhone, the excel sheet is missing. Hope this issues does not exist in MS Cloud Mail.

    20.        How does one stop a wrongly sent mail (by oversight) from being delivered to the user?

    21.        Date format need to consistently be dd-Mon-yyyy in Mail, Inbox, Forwarded mail across all time zones across all devices.

    Other Important Issues related to Mail

    22.        Deletion of recent contacts cache required.

    23.        Configuration issues with http:// , https://. Certificate expiry ????

    24.        Auto sync issue in Android phones ????

    25.        Mail delivery report for a particular domain / user to be available.

    26.        The Mail Recall option should be available.

    27.        User log for a particular period  - time / dates

    28.        User should not send group mails to which he/she does not have any authorization.

    Please help on this..

    thanks in advance

    Poongundran. R

    Sunday, March 5, 2017 6:37 AM

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  • Hi,

    How do you migrate lotus to office 365?

    Based on my knowledge, there are four types of migration method to migrate email to Office 365 from other systems, such as cutover migration, staged migration, hybrid deployment, IMAP migration. The IBM® Lotus® Domino® server supports the Internet Mail Access Protocol (IMAP4rev1), defined in RFC 2060.

    So I suggest you have a look at the following articles to complete the migration:

    What you need to know about migrating your IMAP mailboxes to Office 365

    Migrate from Lotus Notes to Office 365

    Best Regards,
    David Wang
    TechNet Community Support

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    Monday, March 6, 2017 2:08 AM
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