Queries regarding Exchange server migration and UM Messaging role (going from 2003 to 2010)


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    We would like to upgrade Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010 by adding a Exchange 2010 in to the current Exchange 2003 organisation and then moving the mailboxes and replicating the OAB, Pulic folders etc. Its is supposed to be a 2 box solution where HUB, CAS and Mailbox are on 1 server and the UM role on a separate box.

    My questions are:

    1) We do not want to implement UM during the install as this is going to be done with Lync project. In the migrationplan it statesUM needs to be installed before mailbox role. Can this be skipped and UM not installed initially then installed afterwards?

    2) If we cannot skip the implementation can we just install the role on a separate machine but leave it in default setting?

    3) If we can skip it will there be any issues later and what option would we choose. Is it a custom install or the all in one install?

    If someone can do a flow chart of the order of the installation, that would be very handy.

    Thanks for you help


    Thanks, Shana

    Tuesday, July 30, 2013 12:58 PM

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    1. Since your UM system won't be used until after you deploy Lync, you don't need to install it before you install the mailbox role.
    2. See # 1.
    3. Since you aren't supporting current UM  enabled mailboxes, you will see no issues.

    As for a flow-chart, see the one on this page:

    Keep in mind that you aren't upgrading your Exchange 2003 UM system (since one never existed) - you are installing new.  HTH ...

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