Add another group with the same ACL RRS feed

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  • Hi i would like to know how to do the following :

    i have some security groups and a fileserver.
    Now i want to check NTFS permissions and add a second group that has the same ACL as an existing one.

    So if a group "GG_FDR_test" has modify this folder only rights 
    then i want to add a group "Remote_GG_FDR_test" that has modify this folder only rights

    every group that starts with "GG_FDR_" als has an group that has the same name but starts with "Remote_GG_FDR_"

    Get all Folderpermission 3 levels deep for groups that start with "GG_FDR_*"
    for every group it finds copy ACL 
    Add second group "Remote_GG_FDR_*" and set same ACL on this folder.

    sorry for the lack of info but i dont know how to start with this.

    Sunday, July 7, 2019 7:13 PM