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  • Hi all,

    I was just wondering if there's a way to make a shortcut pop-up in a NEW window if it doesn't want to do so on its own?

    This is the problem: I have a folder with a bunch of shortcuts that launch updaters - like 'windows update' etc. The window is just a list of icons with no details - about 5cm in width.

    Most of the updaters open up their own windows or the process is launched in the background. But for 'Windows update' I need to remember to Right click and select 'open' from the context menu otherwise it'll just open in this small window and I have to then resize it. Else go back to the previous window and then right click to get to the 'open' again..

    Can you make a shortcut always open in its own window from Properties - or some other way - without having to always right click it every time?

    Thanks, pkn2011


    Wednesday, July 20, 2011 9:04 AM


  • Hi again, I've found a workaround..

    The behaviour stems from taking shortcuts for items at least in the "Control Panel" where they open in the Control Panel Window - and similarly if their shortcut is on the Desktop. But the moment you put them in another folder the shortcuts adopt the window they are in when you left click on them, and only 'right clicking >open' gets the default Control Panel window opening . (Tho. this may not be true depending on global settings).

    The 'Start in:' and the 3 'Target' fields are also ghosted out within the Properties of the shortcut.

    But by taking the shortcut from (in the Case of Windows Update for eg. "C:\Windows\System32\wuapp.exe") these "target" and "Start in:" fields aren't ghosted out. And the shortcut goes back to opening itself in the default control Panel window when you left click it. So this kind of solves the 'Opening in the small Updaters window' which was causing me the nuisance before..

    Modifying the 'Start in:' to a path other than %windir%\System32 didn't open the 'other path's window' - but the Control Panel's default window, so if anyone does know the trick please yell..

    But I suppose this workaround does open them up in a NEW window now at least.. 

    Thanks for listening, pkn2011


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