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  • We just got a new model we are deploying to users and on this new model we are having issues running two sites when they try to log into them. Once they login it will show the screen for a second then it goes blank. We have tried to uninstall, do the cleanup tool, the hardware accelerated option and nothing seems to help. The computers do work on other Silverlight applications that we have tested so far, it seems to only be these two internal sites. I have talked to a few of the developers, but since its only happening on these new systems I'm not having much luck. These new computers are being imaged with a new company image and they are getting older windows updates that the other systems are not getting. I have looked in the developer tools in IE and do not see errors in the console. I will check the network tab when I get back to work.

    So one questions is can there be a windows update that may be blocking the website from running? Some of the updates talk about Silverlight like KB2659262. When I tried to install it on a computer that is working and it showed it needs the update. I know updates can be replaced with other updates, but these system do show they need it and will install them. I found about 50 updates that are on the new computer that are not on the other systems. I haven't tested them all because I didnt know if that was a possibility why the site may not be working. All the new systems and systems that are working are running the newest version of Silverlight.

    Next questions is, is there other way to troubleshoot why the page is just going blank after the user logs in? I will look at the network tab when I get back in, but I didn't know if there was another tool to get more information so I can forward to the developers?

    Sunday, November 19, 2017 3:18 AM

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  • Hi,

    Silverlight.js was written 10 years or so ago.... before IE8 and can use SL controls without using the Silverlight.js bootstrap... Silverlight.js does not include feature testing for IE's ActiveX filtering feature, (Intranet sites by default don't use it though)

     to maintain backward compatibility of legacy intranet sites your company should be using Enterprise Site Mode Lists and choosing an emulation mode that matches the IE version that your legacy apps were designed for (default IE8 (aka Enterprise Mode)).

    to find out which IE emulation mode is being used on an intranet site webpage....

    f12>Emulation tab... will show you which IE emulation mode is being used and how it was established. eg. IE7(compatibility view) - Display intranet sites in compatibility view.


    about:compat will show you a listing of domains/webpages that are using a legacy IE emulation mode.

    All updates for IE (with exceptions) have been security related to out-of-date ActiveX controls.

    Your programmers should be able to debug your webpages by using the f12 dev tools.... Use the Emulation tab of the dev tool to change the Emulation mode that the page is using....

    You may just need to add the path of the new intranet page to your Enterprise Site Mode lists and use an Emulation Mode that supports XP features.

    They can debug blocked content issues... (markup errors, security, and xss) by first going

    Tools>Internet Options>Advanced tab, check "Always record developer console messages". Save changes.

    To debug your intranet's landing page.......first

    open about:blank in IE..... f12>Debug tab, select "Break on all exceptions" from the dropdown (looks like a Stop sign) and pin the dev tool to the browser (!important the dev tool must be opened for break points and exception handling to work).

    Then TYPE in the address to your intranet site...enter your windows credentials ... any coding errors will now cause the debugger to pause, any markup, blocked content or security errors will now be listed in the Console tab of the dev tool.

    The Emulation tab will list the Emulation Mode used and how it was established.

    The DOM Explorer tab will list the markup sent back with the response... (blank pages may not be empty.... the browser may not be able to render or load the SL control, and the page appears blank). It will also show you the attributes used on the Object tag that hosts the SL ActiveX control.


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    Sunday, November 19, 2017 8:56 PM