Need help with KMS Server migration from 2008 R2 to 2012 R2 properly. RRS feed

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  • Good evening IT Experts,

    Just joined System Engineer, my first project is rebuild the KMS & WSUS server from 2008 R2 to 2012 R2.

    Our network is a bit high priority, so there should be no down time in the process of doing this.

    Current server is a VM, new one going to be a VM as well.
    I been reading a lot on this site lately, but didn't find anything fit my situation yet.
    I can't afford to make any mistake to assume the new server is working by following those procedure. I need to test the new server independently and 100% sure it's working.
    I have to write up a migration plan, two change control need to be in place and a roll back plan also needed in case.

    So I hope you experts can shine me some lights.

    Old KMS Server: Windows 2008 R2 VM
    Hostname: KMS01
    Static IP configured
    Current Keys: Office 15, Windows Server(R), and Office 2010
    It's currently managed by Volume Activation Management Tool (VAMT
    Not using the window's KMS role.

    KMS Status:
    Key Management Service cumulative requests received from clients
        Total requests received: 116810
        Failed requests received: 974
        Requests with License Status Unlicensed: 0
        Requests with License Status Licensed: 80202
        Requests with License Status Initial grace period: 34322
        Requests with License Status License expired or Hardware out of tolerance: 1

    New KMS Server: Windows 2012 Server R2
    Hostname: KMS02
    New Static IP assign

    1. So my question is how do I go about upgrading from VAMT 2.0 to the 2012 R KMS?
    2. Am I sticking with the VAMT on this new upgrade or converting it to 2012 R2 KMS role?
    3. How do I setup the new KMS02 server to run independently that way I can test and confirm it's? I read the migration procedure that you have to uninstall the keys from old server. In my case, can I use that same key to activate on new KMS02 server and do my testing without interfering with the old server? As we’re also a big boy of VMWare, so workstation might be a minor thing but the VM Composer which spun up new VM and activates might be a big issue if installing new KMS02 interfere with old KMS01. I want to be able to retain all the current license on the old KMS01, until the new KMS02 is 100% working to follow up with the migration schedule and divert everything from KMS01 to KMS02 and shut off KMS01. Also our enterprise only deploy Windows 7 only, how do I go about testing the new KMS02? So I’m still digging the 2012 R2 minimum threads hold as I’m writing this.
    4. How do I point all new Windows 7 deploy images device to request from the new KMS02 without interfering with the current KMS01?
    Friday, December 26, 2014 9:21 PM

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