-exclude multiple instances of a folder?


  • I'm looking to have a logoff or shutdown script run wbadmin and back up my user profile folder, and a few folders here and there like my development web server's DocumentRoot. As I do JavaScript development with Node.js/npm and .NET development with NuGet to manage third-party libraries, I would like to not include the "node_modules" or "packages" folders that the package managers put the libraries into, since the code in them is easily retrievable and it'll save time to not back them up.

    If I do something like "wbadmin -include:C:\Users\me,C:\xampp\htdocs -exclude:C:\*\node_modules,C:\*\Projects\*\packages", will that result in every node_modules being ignored, as well as any "packages" folder in my Visual Studio projects folders? Or is this not possible?

    Saturday, June 16, 2018 6:35 AM

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