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  • If database backups are performed when no additions/changes/deletions to documents can occur, is it necessary to execute a full crawl after the Farm is restored to a recovery site? That is, can the Index files be backed up and restored and Search work properly in the new environment?
    Thursday, April 06, 2017 2:58 PM


  • Hello Quinn,

    See below:

    "It is also supported to take a backup of the Search service application administration database and restore that in the DR site. By using Windows PowerShell, administrators can create a new Search service application by using the backup. However, this will only recover the actual configuration of the search service application and any customized search settings within the SharePoint sites and webs—it won’t recover the search index. A full crawl will be required to populate the corpus for searching. In addition, it can’t recover the analytical augmentation of the search indexes because the signals used to generate that are only resident on the production farm.

    There is another approach that might be employed if the main purpose of having to include search in the DR strategy is to help guarantee search index freshness at failover time. By using one of two methods, the index can be maintained in a very fresh state but with the introduction of complex configuration and several limitations. The complexity comes in because either the crawlers in the DR farm have to be configured to crawl the production farm or the content databases have to be replicated in a readable state to the DR farm to support local crawling. This approach has limitations in that the configuration of the Search service application in production is not replicated in any way to DR, and search index updates from the processing of analytic data is also missing. If these limitations are acceptable, then this is a very flexible way to help guarantee high index freshness and search availability in the DR farm."

    You can get the complete instruction here:

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